With the latest update, the Chrome development team decided to implement a convenient function before being developed on the management of the page “New Tab”. So when we open a new tab in the browser in question’ll display a screen similar to that in the video created to demonstrate precisely this new intriguing feature. The only problem is the activation, it should be performed in fact a small change in the settings of Chrome itself by adding the string “-new-new-tab-page” in the dialog box that appears, enter in the properties of any link to the browser in question (specifically to be added to the end of what is written in the “Target”). (More …) Problem Steps Recorder helps to resolve issues in Windows 7 Posted by Luca Marino Guides, Windows, Windows 7 on 07 6th, 2009 | 2 Comments psr In these hot days of sea hardly a Geek spends hours and hours in front of computer hacking and winter. It ‘s summer and it is right to dedicate time to friends, to the beach and to non-geeks activities. Despite all of this is real as described, we continue to update you with fresh news that (alas) these days are scarce slightly. To overcome this problem there are guides and tricks for real geeks can be enjoyed along with a cool drink or why not, after a bath in the sea with the active wireless notebook. Banning talk, let’s go quickly by telling you that in Windows 7 has been implemented a new “Troubleshooting” system, ie a resolution of the problems of the system itself. I refer to the Problem Steps Recorder developed directly from Microsoft in order to capture a series of screenshots that will guide to solving our specific problems: (More …) Steve, back to Cupertino Posted by Ivan Transfer to Apple, Curiosity, News on 06 30th, 2009 | 1 Comment steve jobs When you think a person worthy of all his admiration, his gestures and his words are often cited as examples (positive). Anyone who knows me knows of my almost complete reverence for Steve Jobs. To reinforce this my personal opinion, today, news arrives very pleased: as promised, Steve seems to have returned to his duties in Cupertino. Thus, at least, to said Apple and reported by CNN. An Apple spokesman (spokesman), Steve Dowling, said told the press: Steve Jobs is back to work. He is at Apple a few days a week and working from home the other days. We’re glad to have him back. (More …) Michael Jackson dies: the reactions of the Network Posted by Ivan Transfer in Facebook, News on 06 27th, 2009 | 2 Comments michael jackson When the other night the shuddering world to know the fate of one of the most important and controversial icons of the last thirty years, I was out and I was not following direct the course of events. Newly installed to your PC, though, I felt a feeling of “heaviness” during navigation, a slowdown not too obstructive, but consistent. Unaware of why I kept browsing chatting until a friend told me the news of the moment: Michael Jackson, 50, was tragically killed. It ‘was a special occasion, for social networks: a call to the endurance test, I would say. Twitter, already agitated because of the situation in Iran, has faced collapse: Biz Stone (Twitter Co-founder) has stated that after the release of the news, the message flow has touched figures of 5000 per minute. Any interruption of service, thankfully. (More …) GMail Ninja tricks and secrets to become a good member of the famous email client Posted by Ivan Transfer in GMail on 06 25th, 2009 | 2 Comments gmail ninja Perhaps because I am a user of this service, maybe because when I use it, I never had any problems (if not a resounding crash) … I think GMail, the e-mail service offered by the company in Mountain View, is one of the best available ( and several tests have actually confirmed this thought, at least in terms of spam and speed). As a good person, good for users, today I want to point out a very interesting page, which allows you to define your level of preparation in the field of features GMail, or better, the color of your belt from GMail ninja. More info after the break, of course. (More …) Electrolysis, a project to make the Firefox browser, multi-process Posted by Ivan Transfer in Browser, Firefox, News on 06 23rd, 2009 | 4 Comments firefox multi-process The name of the project, developed by Mozilla and is involving development staff, already suggests the idea of splitting. On this idea, in a nutshell, it is based the aim of Electrolysis: make Firefox has a multi-process structure (multi-process). One feature, however, already stable in other browsers, such as Chrome and IE 8. What are the advantages of a multi-process technology? It ‘obvious: each card (tab) is considered by the system as a single process. Three tabs, therefore, constitute the three processes. At the time, however, each of the Firefox window is considered process, but within a window can display many cards. If you were to introduce a crash in one tab (because, perhaps, of a slowdown or a broken plugin), with the current system, the application would become critical in the complex. On the contrary, thanks to a multi-process management, should any issues arise on a single card, this could be dealt with within the task manager without affecting the others. (More …) Here is the date the Windows 7 final release (RTM Build) Posted by Luca Marino in Operating Systems, Windows, Windows 7 on 06 22nd, 2009 | 2 Comments It ‘a bit’ of time now that we do not reflect too much on the subject OS made in Redmond and today we want to take the opportunity to announce a unique news, which is heard only once in life: the release date (to secure 90% ) of Windows 7 RTM Build Final which will be used once choice among the candidates for the path Escrow, prior to Connect and MSDN / Technet and to us Geek users. Some sources we communicate fact that the date chosen is precisely July 13 (look at the image at the center of the post to understand the various advanced development stages of Seven). (More …) Steve Jobs underwent a liver transplant Posted by Ivan Transfer in Apple, News on 06 20th, 2009 | 5 Comments Steve Jobs The news, dear readers, is anything but fresh. The revelation, however, is today, by the division of the Tech Wall Street Journal: “Jobs Had Liver Transplant” is the title of the article appeared in the morning. It seems that Mr. Apple has suffered, therefore, a liver transplant about two months ago. Nevertheless, it seems willing to officially return by the end of this month. The clinical situation of Jobs, which has become a matter of public interest, has already been compromised, in 2004, from a rare form of pancreatic cancer, from which it recovered two years later. The therapies to which it is subjected, however, have been responsible for the development of a particular type of diabetes, in turn due to the “heart hormone” for which Steve has left the guide social five months ago. (More …) Exclusive: First Look at Morro, Microsoft’s free anti-virus Posted by Luca Marino in Microsoft, Morro on 06 18th, 2009 | 6 Comments Morro07 The title is clear: we want to tell you about an exclusive at Microsoft. Before starting with the short “First Look” we would like to point out that Morro is the new free anti-virus developed by the Redmond who will soon reach the stage of public beta being part of the Microsoft Security Essentials project. We are thus in possession of a copy in advance to 64 Bit and we have done some tests. The installation is very quick on Windows 7 and requires verification of the authenticity of the system and then move on to the copy of the file on disk. As you first start the program requires execution of the update automatically, to keep up to date in relation to the latest viruses. (More …) Firefox 3.5 finally reaches the stage RC Posted by Luca Marino in Browser, Firefox on 06 17th, 2009 | 3 Comments 2009-06-17_194435 Continue the innovations in this vast world of news (almost a coincidence …) and, thanks to the reporting of our dear Luckz, we learn of the official availability of Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate 1. Yes, after multiple delays and “excuses” about bugs found at the last moment, Mozilla washes his hands today making open to all download the version in question. Among the changes they experience the best performance in the field of navigation and less consumption of RAM. Obviously in the Changelog is a wide list of bug-fixes that should make the browser more stable so loved by geeks.

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